17 Websites Like Upwork To Find More Freelance Clients

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Written By Emil Soltis

Are you a freelancer looking to expand your client base or maybe just starting out and searching for the perfect platform to showcase your skills? Then you’ve probably heard of Upwork.com, one of the leading websites where freelancers can connect with clients. However, it’s not the only game in town. There are numerous other websites like Upwork that offer similar services but with their own unique twists.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some alternatives to Upwork that might fit your needs better. We’ll delve into an in-depth understanding of these freelance platforms, objectively evaluating each based on their features, benefits and potential drawbacks.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer or any other type of freelancer, there’s likely a website out there tailored specifically for you.

Let’s start exploring!

1. Freelancer.com

You’re going to love exploring Freelancer.com, it’s a global marketplace where you can showcase your skills and land the perfect gig!

Just like Upwork, this platform is teeming with countless opportunities for freelancers from all over the world. With its user-friendly interface, you’ll find it easy to navigate through the vast array of job categories available. From writing and translation services to programming and tech jobs, there’s bound to be a project that fits your expertise perfectly.

The site also offers comprehensive tools such as time trackers and communication features which make managing projects a breeze.

However, what sets Freelancer.com apart from other sites like Upwork is their competitive bidding system. Here’s how it works: when clients post jobs they need done, you get the chance to bid on these projects along with other freelancers. You have to make sure your proposal stands out by pitching your skills effectively while keeping an eye on fair pricing.

This might sound intimidating at first but don’t worry! There are plenty of resources available on the site that will guide you in making successful bids.

So why wait? Dive into Freelancer.com today and start building your freelance career in this dynamic online hub!

2. Fiverr

On Fiverr, you’ll find a vibrant and diverse community of freelancers offering gigs that cover nearly any service imaginable. Whether it’s graphic design, writing, programming, marketing, or even voice acting, there’s a freelancer ready to provide the service you need.

You’re not just limited to browsing through the available gigs either; if you have a specific task in mind and can’t find an existing gig that covers it, you’re free to post your own job description and let freelancers come to you with their proposals.

Beyond its user-friendly interface and massive selection of services, Fiverr stands out for its tiered system which provides freelancers with incentives to deliver high-quality work consistently. As they complete more tasks successfully and garner positive reviews from clients like yourself, they move up the ranks – from New Seller to Top Rated Seller.

This system is beneficial for both parties involved: clients get reassured by hiring highly-rated professionals while freelancers get motivated to keep their standards high. Although Fiverr takes a commission from each transaction as most freelance platforms do, given its robust features and competitive pricing structure for services offered starting at $5 (hence the name ‘Fiverr’), it’s certainly worth considering alongside other sites like Upwork.com or Freelancer.com.

3. Toptal

If you’re after top-tier freelance talent, Toptal’s your go-to platform. With a rigorous vetting process that only selects the top 3% of applicants, you can be assured that every freelancer on the site is highly skilled and experienced in their respective field.

Whether you’re looking for developers, designers, financial experts, or project managers, Toptal has some of the most accomplished freelancers ready to work on your project.

Yet, it’s important to note that this level of expertise comes at a cost. Unlike other platforms where anyone can bid for any job regardless of their qualifications or experience level, Toptal prides itself on its high standards and accordingly sets higher prices.

However, if quality and peace of mind are what you seek in outsourcing tasks for high-end projects, investing in Toptal’s premium service may well be worth the price.

4. Guru

Guru’s the spot for you when it comes to finding a diverse range of freelancers and facilitating seamless collaboration with them. Like Upwork, Guru offers a wide variety of freelance jobs from writing and design to programming and marketing. But it takes things a step further by providing an integrated workroom where you can manage all your tasks and collaborations in one place.

It has built-in tools that allow you to organize your workload, communicate with freelancers, share files, track progress, give feedback, and make secured payments.

Another impressive feature is its flexibility in terms of payment methods: fixed price, hourly rate, task-based or recurring payments – tailor it according to what suits you best! And don’t worry about trustworthiness – Guru employs a safe escrow system that only releases funds when you’re satisfied with the job done.

So whether you’re looking for someone to design your company’s logo or write SEO-optimized content for your blog, Guru’s got you covered. With its user-friendly interface and robust features designed for effective collaboration, it’s a worthy alternative to Upwork.

5. PeoplePerHour

Don’t be fooled by the name, PeoplePerHour isn’t just about hourly gigs – it’s a vibrant online marketplace that connects businesses with top-notch freelancers specializing in fields such as web development, design, and digital marketing.

This platform aims to streamline the process of hiring remote talent by providing a secure and user-friendly environment where you can find, hire, manage and pay your freelancers. By focusing on quality over quantity, they’ve created a platform where every freelancer is vetted before joining. This ensures you’re only browsing through profiles of professionals who have proven their skills and reliability.

PeoplePerHour differentiates itself from other freelance sites like Upwork by offering a ‘WorkStream’ – an integrated project management tool for seamless communication between you and your hired freelancer. You can easily track progress, exchange files, communicate via messages or video calls right within the same window without having to jump around different apps or websites.

They also offer a fixed price model aside from the usual hourly rate system which gives both parties more flexibility when negotiating terms. So if you’re looking for an alternative freelance site that values quality above all else while still offering competitive pricing structures, PeoplePerHour could be worth exploring.

6. FlexJobs

Looking for a more flexible way to work? FlexJobs might just be your perfect match. Unlike other freelance platforms, FlexJobs specializes in offering remote and flexible job opportunities across various industries.

It may not have as many gigs as Upwork or PeoplePerHour, but rest assured the jobs posted here are carefully curated and hand-screened for scams. This rigorous review process ensures that you get access to high-quality listings from reputable employers.

FlexJobs is essentially a subscription service where you pay a small fee to view and apply for jobs. But don’t let this put you off – it’s actually one of its greatest strengths! The subscription model helps keep out uncommitted freelancers and spammers, making competition less fierce than on free sites.

Plus, you’ll gain access to exclusive resources like career coaching, resume reviews, skill tests, special members-only discounts, and an impressive range of job categories – from writing and marketing to project management and virtual assisting. With all these perks at your disposal, FlexJobs can make your journey into the world of freelancing smooth sailing.

7. 99designs

If you’re a creative soul itching to showcase your design skills, there’s an array of freelancing platforms tailored specifically for you. One such platform that stands out is 99designs. This website operates a little differently from generalist freelance platforms like Upwork and FlexJobs.

Instead of browsing through job listings and bidding on projects, designers on 99designs participate in contests where they present their designs based on clients’ briefs, and the client chooses the best one. These contests not only provide an exciting challenge for designers but also allow them to demonstrate their creativity and expertise before even being hired.

Beyond these contests, 99designs also offers one-on-one projects which mimic the traditional process found on other freelancing websites. Here, clients can directly hire a designer whose work they admire without holding a contest.

In both scenarios—contests or direct hiring—the platform provides ample opportunities for creatives to gain exposure, build relationships with clients and carve out lucrative careers in design. Thus, if you’re keen to use your design talent in a dynamic freelance setting, then 99designs might just be worth exploring.

8. Craigslist

You might not immediately think of Craigslist as a go-to source for freelance gigs, but you’d be surprised at the variety and abundance of opportunities it offers, particularly in larger cities. This platform isn’t just about buying and selling used items; it’s also a hub for job postings across various industries.

Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or programmer, there’s likely a post that matches your skills and experience. Don’t overlook the potential impact this site can have on your freelancing career. The diverse range of gigs available can help you expand your portfolio and gain valuable experience.

Craigslist’s simplicity is its strength: no need to create an elaborate profile or bid against other freelancers – just respond to ads directly. However, bear in mind the lack of robust client protection like you’d find on Upwork or similar platforms; due diligence is crucial when dealing with clients from Craigslist to avoid scams or unpaid work.

Despite this drawback, if navigated correctly and safely, Craigslist can be a treasure trove of local freelance opportunities that could lead to long-term contracts or even full-time employment options.

9. Freelanced

Freelanced isn’t just a job board, it’s a vibrant community where your creativity and skills are celebrated and sought after. Just like Upwork, Freelanced operates as an online hub where professionals can showcase their portfolio and potential employers can post jobs. But what sets it apart is its strong emphasis on creative jobs such as graphic design, writing, photography, and more.

So if you’re endowed with creative talents that you want to monetize or expand on, Freelanced might be the perfect place for you.

In terms of operation model, Freelanced works in a very similar way to other platforms – employers post jobs or projects and freelancers bid on them based on their skills and interests. However, one distinguishing feature of this platform is that it allows free basic membership which gives you access to certain features but with limitations. For unlimited access, there are premium plans available at affordable rates.

Overall, though less popular than giants like Upwork or Fiverr, Freelanced offers a unique value proposition by focusing heavily on creative industries making it an appealing choice for freelancers in those fields.

10. Upstack

Looking to work with some of the biggest tech companies around? Upstack might be just what you’re after. Unlike other freelance platforms, Upstack takes a more refined approach by accepting only top 1% developers in their platform.

This ensures that when you sign up as a freelancer on this site, you’ll be part of an elite group of developers who are trusted by major tech firms across the globe. Also, being relatively smaller than sites like Upwork, it provides a less crowded marketplace ensuring better visibility for your profile.

As a freelancer on Upstack, you can enjoy high-paying projects from companies like IBM or Microsoft who frequently use this platform to source talent. However, keep in mind that getting accepted into Upstack is quite challenging due to their rigorous screening process – but don’t let that deter you if you’re confident about your skills.

Once in, there is significant potential for stable and well-paid work. Plus, Upstack also offers benefits such as mentorship and career development resources which can prove invaluable in furthering your freelance career. With its focus on quality over quantity, Upstack stands out as an excellent alternative to mainstream platforms like Upwork.

11. Textbroker

If you’re a wordsmith craving for a platform that appreciates and rewards your talent, Textbroker is the place to be. Similar to Upwork, this site offers freelance writing assignments in a wide range of niches. But unlike many other platforms, Textbroker specializes solely in content creation. This focus ensures an environment where writers are valued and given ample opportunities to shine.

You’ll find tasks ranging from blog posts and product descriptions to technical articles and SEO content. Textbroker operates on a star rating system, meaning your pay rate increases as your writing improves. It’s an appealing incentive that not all freelancing sites offer.

As you establish yourself on the platform, you can also gain direct access to clients who specifically ask for your skills – another bonus point for Textbroker! While it may not provide as diverse job listings as Upwork does across different fields, if writing is what you do best, then Textbroker could just be the perfect fit for you.

12. Workana

You’ll find Workana to be a goldmine of opportunities, especially if you’re fluent in Spanish or Portuguese. This Latin American freelancing platform is the perfect place for you to showcase your skills and talents to an audience that appreciates them.

The platform is user-friendly with an intuitive interface, making it easy even for first-time users to navigate and find potential gigs. Moreover, unlike other platforms where competition could be stiff due to a large number of English-speaking freelancers, Workana narrows down the competition by focusing on Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Despite its regional focus, don’t underestimate Workana’s reach and impact. It offers a wide array of job categories from web development, graphic design, content writing to digital marketing among others; providing ample opportunities regardless of your area of expertise.

Additionally, similar to Upwork.com or Textbroker, Workana implements an escrow system that protects both clients and freelancers during transactions ensuring confidence in every job done. Although it might take time building up your reputation initially as with any freelance website; once established, it can provide a steady stream of work catered specifically towards your skill set in the Spanish or Portuguese language market space.

13. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is another fantastic platform for freelancers seeking remote jobs. It offers a plethora of opportunities across various fields, making it easier for you to find work that aligns with your skills and preferences. The platform is free to use; both for freelance professionals looking for job opportunities and businesses scouting for talent.

Unlike other platforms that charge a commission fee on your earnings, Hubstaff Talent doesn’t take a cut from your pay, meaning you take home what you earn.

The functionality of Hubstaff Talent makes the process of finding work quite straightforward. When applying for jobs, you can filter by skill set, availability (part-time or full time), and even by hourly rate. There’s also an option to showcase your portfolio so potential clients can see samples of your work before deciding to hire you.

However, given its growing popularity among freelancers worldwide, competition can be stiff on this platform. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your profile, highlight relevant skills and experiences in order to stand out from the crowd and land those coveted remote positions.

14. Truelancer

On Truelancer, you’re given the opportunity to explore a wide array of freelance jobs, particularly in fields such as web development, design, and writing. This platform is designed to connect skilled professionals with potential clients from various industries around the world.

What sets Truelancer apart is its project catalog feature which allows you to pick and choose projects that best suit your expertise and schedule. The website also offers a secure workspace where you can easily manage your workload and communicate directly with clients.

In comparison to other platforms like Upwork.com or Hubstaff Talent, Truelancer provides an efficient algorithm that matches freelancers with relevant job opportunities based on their skill set. Additionally, it offers several payment methods including direct bank transfers which make for a more flexible payout system for freelancers globally.

However, it’s important to note that while Truelancer does provide ample job opportunities, competition can be stiff due to its global user base. Hence it’s crucial for you as a freelancer to have a well-crafted profile highlighting your skills and experiences effectively in order to stand out from the crowd.

Overall, if used strategically, Truelancer can offer significant benefits by providing access to diverse freelance work from clients worldwide.

15. We Work Remotely

Moving on from Truelancer, another great platform that serves as an alternative to Upwork is We Work Remotely.

This particular platform is a global job board dedicated to remote work where businesses can post job listings that are not bound by geographical constraints. It’s an excellent place for freelancers like you who prefer to work from the comfort of your home or while traveling.

We Work Remotely prides itself in having a vast range of job categories including programming, design, sales and marketing, writing, customer support and more.

What sets this platform apart is its simplicity and straightforwardness – no bidding wars for projects or complex hiring processes. You simply browse through the listings, find something that matches your skills and apply directly to the company posting the ad.

The site also offers a selection of resources for remote workers such as tips on staying productive and maintaining balance while working remotely.

Remember though – with convenience comes competition, so make sure your application stands out!

16. Remotive

Let’s dive into Remotive, a gem of a job board that specifically focuses on remote work opportunities. Unlike generalist platforms like Upwork, Remotive caters to those seeking or offering work that can be done anywhere in the world.

This site is perfect for freelancers who want to bypass geographical limitations and access opportunities from diverse industries all over the globe. You’ll find roles ranging from software development and design to marketing and sales, all available at your fingertips without having to sift through irrelevant local-only listings.

Remotive’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly search for jobs by category or keyword, making it easy for you to pinpoint relevant gigs quickly. Furthermore, unlike many other freelance sites which charge fees for both employers and job seekers, Remotive offers free access for job seekers while companies pay a fee to post their vacancies.

This ensures a constant flow of fresh opportunities without putting financial strain on freelancers just starting out or operating on tight budgets. With an impressive range of international clients posting high-quality jobs daily, Remotive stands tall as a worthwhile alternative to websites like Upwork.com.

17. Crossover

If you’re an ambitious tech professional seeking a challenging remote role, Crossover might just be the golden ticket to your dream job.

Unlike other freelance platforms like Upwork, Crossover specializes in long-term project engagements and full-time roles in the tech and software development industry.

The company prides itself on providing opportunities that can accelerate your career growth by exposing you to new skills and technologies while offering competitive compensation packages.

Crossover’s recruiting process is rigorous but designed to ensure a perfect fit between you and potential jobs. They use objective skill-based assessments that allow them to match you with positions where your expertise will shine – eliminating guesswork or bias from the hiring process.

While this platform may not provide the same variety of gigs as Upwork, it certainly offers more stability and growth opportunities for dedicated professionals looking for something more than temporary assignments.

With Crossover, you’re not just finding work; you’re embarking on a fulfilling career journey in tech.


In conclusion, you’ve got a plethora of options like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru, and PeoplePerHour to kickstart your freelancing career or get your project done.

Each platform has its unique features and benefits that cater to different needs.

Don’t limit yourself to just Upwork. Explore other platforms such as Truelancer, We Work Remotely, Remotive, and Crossover.

You’ll find the perfect fit for your specific requirements in no time at all.

Happy hunting!

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